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Reading Comprehension Questions ( 5 groups):

  1. Full name and date and place of birth
  2. Details about father
  3. The author’s personality as a child
  4. The author’s favorite subject at school and whom did she want to look like
  5. University studies and activities at the University of Alabama
  6. Her life in New York
  7. The name of the book she published and when

1. What is the Great Depression

  1. Time of occurrence
  2. Causes of the Great Depression
  1. When did Harper Lee experience the Great Depression

  1. Name of the book and author
  2. Main characters you can deduce from the text
  3. The 2 plot lines of the book
  4. Themes discussed in the book

  1. What is the law of Jim Crow
  2. In which particular states did it appear
  3. Why was it called “Jim Crow”
  4. Which famous group of organized mob violence does the article mention
  5. Describe briefly the case of racial injustice that has a close relation to the plot of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”

  1. What is the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. What are the fundamental democratic rights?
  3. When and how did the Civil Rights Movement in America begin?
  4. What measures did the Southern states take to prevent the black population from voting?
  5. How were blacks segregated (separated from the white population)?
  6. Who is the leader of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s?
  7. When and how were the civil rights of all Americans established?

Reneta Stoimenova teaches English at the Foreign Language School in Targovishte. She has also translated and published bits of modern American fiction and poetry. The link to her translation of a rare interview from J. D. Salinger can be used as a teaching resource on the author: http://www.kultura.bg/bg/article/view/12367



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